Summer School

Summer School Registration Dates
High School: Monday, July 1st and Tuesday, July 2nd
HS Guidance Office
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Middle School: Monday, July 1st and Tuesday, July 2nd
MS Guidance Office
8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my child needs to attend summer school?
Letters informing students/parents of a course and/or Regents exam failure will be mailed with report cards. They should arrive in the mail the last week of June.

Is there a cost for summer school?
There is no cost to students who reside in the district for summer school courses, August Regents exams or Regents refresher courses.

Will transportation be provided?
No. Students/parents are responsible for transportation to/from summer school.

2 Boys and a girl reading around a small table.

Delivering the Promise of a Brighter Future for Our Students and Our Community.

Gouverneur Central School District, in collaboration with the community, is dedicated to educating all individuals, in a safe environment, to be passionate learners and responsible citizens in a global society.


Group of students posing for a picture with their arms around each other outside the elementary school.

Roundtable Discussions

Please join us for Parent Roundtable Discussions from 5:30-6:30 p.m. in room 154 of the high school. This is a time for all parents and guardians of students in grades Kindergarten through grade 12 to meet with district leadership to discuss curriculum and instruction and other matters pertaining to the education of our scholars.

  • Tues: Jun 25, 2019

Calendar Changes

Tuesday, June 25th -- last day of school -- UPK-8 students report for AM only.

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Musical Archive

We've compiled all the images and documentation we currently have of the 30+ musicals performed at Gouverneur High School for easy viewing. Click on the link below to see what we've collected.

5-Hour Safe Driving Course

Some changes in fees have occured starting in July for the 5-hour safe driving course. Find updated information on our continuing education page, linked below.

Annual Newsletter

Check out our District Newsletter for 2018-2019 below.

High School students listening to a lecture with chromebooks on their desks.

Smart Schools IP

The Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014 was passed in 2014-2015 Enacted Budget and approved by the voters in a statewide referendum held during the 2014 General Election on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.

The purpose of the Smart Schools Bond Act is to improve learning and opportunity for public and nonpublic school students by funding capital projects.


It is the policy of the Gouverneur Central School District Board of Education to hear comments from the public during open session at regular board meetings. However, these public comment periods are not meant to be a discussion, and the role of the board members is to listen only and not provide feedback. In some cases, this means the board does not correct false statements or respond to allegations against school personnel or the board. When appropriate, the Superintendent or Board President may follow up with individuals to correct false information or hold a discussion at a later time.

Above all, Gouverneur Central School District strives to protect the safety and dignity of all scholars. The District abides by strict policy procedures when it comes to allegations or concerns of bullying, and all instances are thoroughly investigated.

When a school staff member is first notified of a possible bullying situation, the situation is immediately investigated within 24 hours. School staff may take complaints or reports from parents or other relatives, students, or bystanders. These reports can be made in person, through a written message, email, or via phone call. Each and every report is documented according to NYS law in the parent log, discipline referral, or the completion of the Dignity for all Students Act (DASA) form.

Each building has Board of Education appointed designees called DASA coordinators who are responsible for handling all reports of bullying.

The District uses the following definitions as outlined in Board Policy and the Student Code of Conduct:
  1. Harassment: verbal threats, intimidation, or abuse that creates a hostile environment that substantially interferes with a student’s educational performance, opportunities, or well-being or reasonably causes (or would be expected to cause) a student to fear for his/her safety.
  2. Bullying: unwanted and aggressive behavior stemming from a perceived or real imbalance of power. Repeated over time, and victim feels helpless to respond.
If a report is investigated through the proper channels and it is determined to NOT be a case of bullying or harassment, the District and school administration will work with those involved to reach a mutually agreeable solution to the problem.