District Profile

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School and Community

The Gouverneur Central School District encompasses a rural population of approximately 3,900 in southern St. Lawrence County. Gouverneur's primary industry is agriculture. The High School includes approximately 450 students in grades 9-12. Students come from the village and town of Gouverneur plus peripheral rural communities. Students can take advantage of vocational technical training run by the St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES. The schedule runs on an 8 period day. The High School schedule offers both traditional and semestered courses. Advanced Placement courses and early college admission is offered for our students. A six week remedial summer school session is provided for the opportunity to improve course grades.

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Student Enrollment

K-12 enrollment: 1515
Elementary School (PK-4): 620
Middle School (5-8): 460
High School (7-12): 435


148 full-time and part-time members

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College Level

Advanced Placement:
English Language and Composition

Syracuse University Project Advance:
American History I & II
Forensic Science
Intermediate Spanish
Public Policy
General Biology I & II and Lab
Practices of Writing
Gender & Literary Texts

Hudson Valley Community College:
(Distance Learning)
Intro to Psychology
Intro to Sociology

SUNY Potsdam:
Probability & Statistics I
Anatomy & Physiology

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Stats for Class of 2019 Graduates

89 graduates

23 Advanced Regents Diploma (26%)
3 Advanced Regents with Honors (3%)
3 Mastery in Science (3%)
1 Mastery in Mathematics (1%)
49 Regents Diplomas (55%)
1 Regents with Honors (1%)
40 BOCES Graduates (45%)
2 BOCES Agriculture Academy Graduates (2%)
10 National Honor Society Members (11%)
3 National Technical Honor Society Members (3%)
17 G.H.S. Honors Group* (19%)
16 Senior Academic Achievement Award** (18%)
23 4 Year College (26%)
26 2 Year College (29%)
3 Technical School (3%)
1 Armed Services (1%)
19 Employment (21%)
*Honors Group - 90 or above for 3.5 years of high school.
**Senior Academic Achievement - Honor roll since 9th grade (15 times)

ACT Statistics Class of 2019 (Mean Scores)

English 18.0
Math 19.5
Reading 24.3
Science 21.8
STEM 21.0
Composite 20.8

SAT Statistics Class of 2019 (Mean Scores)

Evidence Based Reading/Writing 562
Math 579
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Marking System

Gouverneur Central uses a numerical grading system that ranges from 0-100; 65 is the minimum grade required to pass. Semester courses are computed by: Final Average = MP1 x 2 + MP2 x 2 + FE ÷ 5. Full year courses are computed by MP1 + MP2 + MP3 + MP4 + FE ÷ 5. (MP = marking period, FE = final exam). Each semester class has 2MP.

Computation of Class Rank and Average

Students are ranked numerically. Grades are weighted. All classes are included only once in class rank. Full year courses are weighted 1.0; all semester classes are weighted .50. AP English Language, College Distance Learning, Syracuse University Project Advance, and SUNY Potsdam courses are weighted 1.1.

Class Rank = Final Average of each course x weight factor ÷ number of units earned.

Conversion Scale

When students transfer in with letter grades and a numerical conversion scale from their previous school that scale is used to change their letter grade to a numerical equivalent for Gouverneur Central's records. If the sending school provides no conversion scale, the following is used. Schools or programs that need to convert GCS numerical grades to letter equivalent should use this scale.

Numerical Letter
95 A
91 A-
88 B+
85 B
82 B-
79 C+
76 C
73 C-
70 D+
67 D
65 D-
50 F

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Graduation Requirements

Students may achieve the following credential(s) or diplomas: Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) credential, Skills and Achievement Commencement credential, Local diploma, Regents diploma, Advanced Designation diploma.

Regents & Advanced Regents Diplomas

22 units credit (minimum)
English - 4 Units
Social Studies - 4 Units
Science - 3 Units
Math - 3 Units
Health - 1/2 unit
Physical Education - 2 Units*
Foreign Language - 1 Unit (Regents), 3 Units (Advanced Regents)**
Art/Music - 1 Unit

*1/2 unit for each of four years
**Advanced Regents diploma students who complete a 5 unit or more career and technical education, art, or music sequence, may be excused from the 3-unit language requirement.

Regents Diploma requirements - a grade of 65 or higher on 5 Regents exams - English, history, math, science, plus an additional exam in science, math, or history.

Advanced Regents Diploma requirements – a grade of 65 or higher on 9 Regents exams which include the 4 required for a Regents diploma plus Geometry, Algebra 2, a second history, second science and the passing of a locally developed foreign language exam.

Track Designations

May appear on a transcript
Advanced Placement
Medical Excuse
*includes integrated Math and/or Science credit
Dropped Passing
Dropped Failing
Dropped (no grades yet)