The Stage Crew

The 10 Commandments
  1. No electronic devices on. At all. Even on vibrate only. Ever.
  2. No food or drink. None. Never.
  3. Every prop is assigned to a specific crew person. Every crew person knows his/her assigned props for every scene change - both what comes off and what goes on. Crew assignments for each and every pieces are written in the stage manager's script and kept backstage at all times. If stage manager is out, assistant stage manager uses this to run the scene changes.
  4. Do not touch, play with, or wear anything that has not been assigned to you!!!
  5. Absolutely no audible speaking!
  6. Keep the wings set up in order of appearance on the stage. When one scene goes out, move everything forward and put other sets to the back or in order of reappearance.
  7. Keep the wings cleaned and swept.
  8. Before every rehearsal: clear, sweep, set up stage for 1st scene of day.
  9. If actors are in the way, ask them politely to move. If problems persists, see director.
  10. Know your cues for scene changes!!
These rules will ensure you meet your 3 goals: