NYS Winner - Patriotic Art Contest

Chris Trejo's artwork for the Patriotic Art Contest
When making this art piece there are specific messages I was trying to convey. One of them is showing the viewer that although the uniform soldiers wear changes from time to time, the soldier's job never does. I also wanted to honor my papa and my father. The soldier in the front is my papa when he was younger, the soldier in the middle is my father, and in the way back is my papa now. It shows how things have changed as time went on. The silhouettes at the bottom show soldiers on the left side and then a family on the right. The figure in the middle is a silhouette of a half soldier half woman. I did this to show the viewer that the soldiers aren’t the only ones sacrificing things. The kids go long periods of time without seeing their father or mother. In my case it was my father. The half woman half soldier shows how my mother had to stay strong for me and my sister while my father was deployed. The fog shown on the right side can be interpreted in a few different ways. On both sides things are very unclear, the people at home have no idea if something will happen to their loved one and their loved one doesn’t get to see their family grow up. It can also symbolize distance from one another. Lastly, it can show that even though the soldier is deployed time still goes on.

- Chris Trejo