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SUPA Partner

SUPA LOGO Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) is a premier cooperative partnership linking Syracuse University with secondary schools. Through this partnership, high schools can offer qualified seniors the opportunity to enroll in SU courses for university credit. Teachers who have qualified through SUPA as SU adjunct instructors teach enhanced concurrent enrollment university courses in high schools during the school day. SUPA began in 1972 as an attempt to address "senioritis," the tendency for seniors who have completed their graduation requirements to relax rather than prepare for the transition from high school to college.

Courses We Offer At GHS

American History, Biology, Calculus, English, Forensic Science, Public Affairs, and Spanish

Transcript Requests:
Students should NOT request transcripts until grades are officially submitted; 6-8 weeks after a course is complete). Please be aware there is now a $12 fee for each request.

Class Advisors

Class of 2018

Jerrilyn Patton

Cory Young

Class of 2019

Beth Denesha

Debra Andrews

Class of 2020

Heather Parker

Class of 2021

Nancy Hay

Alma Mater

Among the hills of Old St. Lawrence
Stands the school we love so well.
Where we spent so many bright and happy days;
Its fond memories will linger
In our hearts to cheer and bless
As we toil along life's rough and rugged ways.

Then her praises we will sing
Till the echoes 'round us ring
And we'll sing them with a will forever more,
For we're singing of the glories
Of our dear old G.H.S.
May they echo from the mountains to the shore.